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Halloween Marketing Magic: Popular Brands' Spooktacular Campaigns

Updated: Apr 24

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Halloween and Big Brands

Halloween has become a favorite holiday for both children and adults alike, and it's not just about trick-or-treating and spooky costumes anymore. For businesses and brands, Halloween presents an excellent opportunity to engage with their customers through creative and themed marketing campaigns. In this blog, we'll explore some popular brands' campaigns that have successfully leveraged the spirit of Halloween to connect with their audiences in a fun and memorable way.

Oreo's Spooky ads Create With Dhrumil Digital Marketing Agency
Oreo's Spooky Social Media Presence

1. Oreo's Spooky Social Media Presence

Oreo, the beloved cookie brand, is known for its innovative marketing campaigns, and Halloween is no exception. They've mastered the art of engaging their social media audience with eye-catching and themed content. One of their famous Halloween campaigns featured spooky, limited-edition Oreo cookies with eerie designs. Their Instagram and Twitter pages turned into a digital haunted house, filled with ghostly gifs, dark humor, and entertaining cookie-themed treats. Oreo's Halloween campaigns showcase the importance of staying in tune with your audience and creatively incorporating your product into the spooky spirit of the season.

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Burger King's "Scary Places" Campaign

2. Burger King's "Scary Places" Campaign

Burger King took a bold and unique approach to Halloween marketing with their "Scary Places" campaign. The fast-food giant encouraged customers to visit their locations that were situated near abandoned haunted places. This campaign successfully mixed urban legends with their iconic Whopper burger, creating an unforgettable experience for those who dared to venture to these eerie destinations. Burger King's Halloween campaign demonstrated that thinking outside the box can be a fantastic way to make your brand memorable during the holiday.

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Airbnb's Nightmarish Stays

3. Airbnb's Nightmarish Stays

Airbnb is known for offering unique and diverse accommodations, and they didn't miss the opportunity to create Halloween-themed experiences. In collaboration with "The Addams Family" movie, they offered a chance to stay in a spooky mansion that resembled the Addams' iconic home. This clever partnership combined a popular movie with Airbnb's unique lodging experiences, attracting those seeking a Halloween adventure. Airbnb's Halloween campaign shows how aligning with pop culture and offering unusual experiences can be a recipe for success.

Learnings from Spirit Halloween Campaign by Create with Dhrumil Packaging Designing Services
Spirit Halloween's Year-round Haunts

4. Spirit Halloween's Year-round Haunts

Spirit Halloween, a seasonal retail chain specializing in Halloween costumes and decorations, takes advantage of the entire year to build up excitement for the holiday. They keep their audience engaged with sneak peeks, exclusive deals, and spine-chilling content throughout the year. This consistent branding keeps them at the forefront of people's minds when the Halloween season arrives. Spirit Halloween's year-round Halloween marketing strategy proves that staying connected with your audience beyond the holiday season can be a strategic advantage.

Learnings from M&M Halloween Campaign by Create with Dhrumil Product Designing Services
M&M's "Ghosted" Campaign

5. M&M's "Ghosted" Campaign

M&M's has consistently used humor and adorable characters to charm their audience. In their "Ghosted" campaign, the iconic M&M characters starred in a series of funny and spooky short films. They engaged their audience through social media, creating a story around the M&M characters experiencing Halloween in their own unique way. M&M's use of storytelling and beloved characters in their Halloween campaign emphasizes the power of relatable content and brand characters in captivating the audience.


Halloween is more than just dressing up and collecting candy. It's a marketing playground for brands to get creative and engage with their customers in a memorable and enjoyable way. The campaigns discussed here demonstrate the importance of understanding your audience, staying consistent, and thinking outside the box when planning Halloween-themed marketing strategies. By embracing the spooky spirit of the season, these brands have successfully carved a niche in their customers' hearts and minds, proving that Halloween marketing can be a spooktacular opportunity for business growth.

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